Friends of Hillingdon Music Service
Registered Charity Number: 293047

The Friends of Hillingdon Music Service is a registered charity which supports the Music Service in many ways and performs a similar role to a Parent Teacher Association specifically for the children who attend the Saturday morning or Thursday evening Music School run by the Hillingdon Music Hub.  The money raised is used to subsidise tour costs, provide additional equipment and to help with short-term financial support for families experiencing difficulty paying for music lessons.

To see a full list of forthcoming events please click here to go to the Hillingdon events page.

Information for Parents

Who's who at the Music Hub?
What is a typical morning at Music School?
What should my child take to Music School on their first day?
My child is unwell or unable to attend. Should I let someone know?
How can my child progress through Music School?
What is special place tuition?
How many concerts are there each year?
How should my child dress for a concert?
Will my child be able to go on overseas tours?
Why do some students take Trinity Guildhall instrumental exams and others ABRSM?
What accessories are available for purchase at reception?

What do the Friends Do?
Who's who in the Friends?
What do I do if I have difficulty paying the fees?
What can I do to help the Friends?




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